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Wedding Invitation Blitz


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260 of anything is a lot, except maybe dollar bills.

But I’m not talking dollars today, I’m talking wedding invitations so 260 is a lot.

Our second daughter Chalisse, is engaged to be married in July and we couldn’t be happier for this lovely couple:


My family and friends all came out in droves to support the ongoing invitation making party I had last week.  It’s so true what they say – many hands make light work!

There was anywhere from 3-8 people at any given time here all last week, working like crazy to accomplish this task for Chalisse and I.  I had come up with an invitation concept using Chalisse’s wedding colors a few weeks ago and was excited about the idea but wasn’t excited to make 260 of them – that’s when I was rescued by loving people around me so willing to lend me a few hours and cut, punch, fold, pierce, stamp and paste.  I’m truly amazed it’s all done! 

Here’s what 90+ manhours accomplished:

I liked the pocket style invitation this year so I used 12 x 12 Crumb Cake cardstock, cut in half and folded to form a pocket for the invitation information, photo, registry card, etc.  I scallop punched the folded edge and secured the pocket closed with the ribbon (non SU). The invitation itself was printed on vellum cardstock and attached to a stamped Whisper White piece (Bliss Stamp Set) and then to a Blushing Bride piece.  We are putting their “official” wedding photo behind the vellum as we place them in envelopes.

The flower is my favorite part!  When making the sample invitation, I ” leathered” 3 die cut flower pieces with the Fun Flowers die and Big Shot, and knew that nothing else was going to do, once I saw the finished sample.  Even when I tried to imagine what it would be like creating 260 of these 4 layer flowers – nothing else would do!  Hats off to my friends who endured tiny paper cuts and dyed hands while leathering these with me!!!  Also, I have to mention that my son-in-law, Kevin, was a trooper in die cutting every single flower by himself – what a guy!

To finish today, here is one of my favorite photos from the engagement photo shoot:




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  1. Liz says:

    Beautiful invites and beautiful photos of your daughter and future SIL

  2. Kim Pebley says:

    She is gorgeous and the invites are perfect! Family and Friends are so special and come together in need.
    I know you will have a joyous wedding!

  3. Absolutely beautiful Natasha! What a labor of love. Beautiful photos too. I can’t wait to see the rest of the day.

  4. Jessica Howe says:

    You did a wonderful job on the invitations, they are so beautiful and elegant!! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Evelyn says:

    Wow, she looks just like you!! Beautiful!
    Good luck with the invitations, and have a great time at the wedding.

  6. Amanda Currier says:

    These are absolutely stunning! And I thought making 100 baby announcements was a lot! lol And those leathered flowers are to die for!

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