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THE Christmas Letter


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As part of our Week 4 – “Let’s Get Real” stage of our organized Christmas, comes the task of writing the annual Christmas letter.  Some people cringe at the thought of having to write another letter but if you, like Mary Poppins, add an element of fun to this job – it can become a game!

Here are a few simple steps and some suggestions to help you write this letter – and I promise, it won’t take as long as you might think it will!!

Step 1 – Gather information – take out page 8 of your Christmas Planner and take a few minutes to jot down significant information to share about each family member.  Do this in point form.  An easy way to do this is to interview each family member to get insight from their perspectives. 

 Here are a few questions that you can ask yourself or your children regarding the passed year:

 – What is a funny thing they’ve done or said

– What are some favorite sports, activities, likes/dislikes, favorite subjects in school

– Were any milestones reached this year?  (i.e.  lost first tooth, received driver’s license, etc.)

– What is a favorite free-time activity?

– Any new hobbies, skills, jobs, lessons added this year?

– Any vacations taken this year?

Another help is to review your calendar for the passed year – it will remind you of many things you’ve done that are worth sharing!

Step 2 – Choose a Letter Format – now that you have information for your letter, decide what format you would like to write your letter in.  There are SO many different examples of fun letters to write!

A.  The traditional 3 or 4 paragraph letter

B.  A is for… – write something about someone for every letter of the alphabet.  We did this one year and it was FUN to put together as a family!  You only need to fill in one word for each letter of the alphabet with a short sentence for further explanation.

C.  Top 10 or 12 List – this is even shorter than the idea above but can really be effective in sharing your lives with family and friends.  Give 2 sentences or so about each item here for explanation to those who are reading your letter.

D.  C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S Letter – Use these letters to share the most memorable moments of your year.

E.  A Pet’s Perspective – write your letter from a different perspective – such as from the family pet!  Rather than the traditional first-person paragraphs about each family member, tell the story from your dog/cat’s point of view.  You could even do this from a new baby’s perspective!  Very cute!!

F.  Newspaper articles – design the cover page of a newspaper to tell about your year.  Each family member could have their own column and it’s so easy to include a family photo with this idea!

G.  Point Form – keep it simple!  Just like subway art, include only pertinent words about your family and your year together.  Have fun with fonts and coloring when designing this letter!

H.  Quotes – you could title this “Heard in the (family name) Home this Year”.  Include fun things spoken in the home over the year.

Step 3 – Edit and Print  When you are finished, have a couple of family members read it over looking for typos and sentence structure.  Print and set with your Christmas card list!

Have some fun this week getting your letter put together!






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