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Organized Christmas Week #3 – Christmas Traditions


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Here we are at week 3 out of our 8 Weeks of Christmas Planning so we are definitely well on our way!! 

Are you feeling on top of things so far? 🙂

I’m so grateful for the wonderful comments I’ve received from many of you regarding the holiday planner and 8 week organizing plan!! Thank you so much!!  I’m so glad to hear the plan is helping you feel organized and excited about the holiday season!

Here is one comment I’ve been given permission to share:

I absolutely love the Christmas Holiday Planner!  I have started filling out my planning calendar and even took photos of the husband, dogs and me. For the first time in years I am going to be organized enough to do a mini Christmas newsletter.  Thanks Natasha, this is the exactly the nudge I needed to get everything done on time this year!
Wendy M.

This week we are going to concentrate on our Traditions and Christmas Countdowns and Advent Activities.

This week, on page 7 of the Holiday Planner, you are going to examine (individually or as a family), why you do certain things every holiday season.  Things like:  getting children’s photos with Santa, choosing a tree, decorating the tree a certain way or on a certain night in December, writing letters to Santa, Christmas Eve fondue night, etc.  Make sure to calendar these traditions on page 2 of the Holiday Planner this week!

Every family is unique and has unique and special traditions.  Do you know why you continue to do them every year or even when they were started and by whom?  Writing them down is important for posterity.

I’m very attached to our family’s traditions and taking part in them is what makes my holiday special and meaningful.  I’m excited to share our traditions with you this week!!

One of the traditions my parents, siblings and Chris and I started years ago was to get together and watch the movie “Christmas Vacation” before the big day.  I have no idea how many years we have been doing this but we all agree it doesn’t feel like Christmas until we have watched this together!  It has evolved over the years for sure; we now are about 30 people when we get together so space is an issue now over before when we were only 8 people.  We now meet to watch the movie and eat movie treats in mom & dad’s condo movie theatre instead of in our home which is perfect for all of us!!  Evolution is an important process in keeping traditions alive and well!!

Another tradition that was started only 5 years ago or so, is a “Sister’s Lunch Out”. I have 3 sisters and 1 sister-in-law and we get together for lunch and last minute shopping close to Christmas. We do this with no children so we can enjoy some girl time and great conversation. Usually all the children gather at one of our homes and play while we are gone and we have learned that they look forward to this day just as much as us mom’s do!! How great is that!!

One more tradition for today and then I’ll let you get to writing down yours…

I mentioned there are about 30 people when my entire family gathers. Every year we all schedule a Family Night, usually the Monday evening just before Christmas for some games, a Christmas story or message, treats and the favorite part, hand bells!! I have a set of musical hand bells and we bring that out with special Christmas music I’ve put together for just this occasion – the kids LOVE it!! Even the adults get in on the action!

I’ll be back tomorrow with some more of our favorite family traditions – until then, write down yours and I’d love it if you would share them with me!!









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