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Lately I may have been quiet online…


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…but I sure have been keeping busy!!

Wanna see doing what?

1.  Making 450 wedding “thank-you” gifts for the guests to take away from Chalisse and Robert’s open houses:

FYI – it takes the same amount of time to watch (or listen to in my case) Spiderman 1 and 2 as it does to cut AND stamp 450 pieces of cardstock – doing this infront of a movie helped with passing time!  Incidentally, Kessia, my 11 year old, punched 300 little flowers during that time as well!  Nothing like quality time with your children!

Remember the Valentine version of this little Kiss holder I came up with last February?

I decided it would be a great little take-away for my daughter’s wedding coming up…in July…7 weeks away…I’m starting to question that decision…

Incidentally, if you walk up to a cashier in WalMart holding 21 bags of Hershey’s kisses, they don’t question you! Or look at you funny.  Or check out your waist-line.  People must buy that much candy all the time…

2.  Exercising everyday (again)

My husband (gem that he is) finally bought me the treadmill I have been wishing for, for 6 months now.  It’s probably because I threatened to pick one out myself and purchase it…or maybe it has something to do with the 21 bags of Hershey’s kisses…

3.  Babysitting

Remember that I live in Canada, the Great White North.  White being a literal term.  Our weather and growing season is not conducive to growing beautiful exotic or tropical plants and flowers.  In fact, Calgary is zoned as a 3 – definitely not a hydrangea growing zone.  But my beautiful daughter wants some hydrangeas as the wedding so I aim to please. So, because I am where I am, I definitely categorize this as “babysitting” these plants. 

4.  More gardening…

I made up 9 of these pots to use as color and decoration for this outdoor wedding as well.  I used much more Canada friendly plants for these pots though so not as much babysitting is required for these pots.

5.  Getting ready for the Bridal Shower on Friday

Kira, my crafty 14 year old, has been put in charge of making 40 of these origami lily flowers for centerpieces needed this Friday. Together we will get them all finished in between studying, exams, homework, etc during the day.

That is a sampling of what is going on around here lately.

BUT…please come visit again soon because I’m going to have so much to show you over the next 2-3 weeks!

1.  Tomorrow the retiring list will be released and you don’t want to miss that!

2.  The bridal shower take aways are going to be SO cute – you have to see them!

3.  I have finished 18 swap cards of my own to share with some of my stamp clubs.  I will be sharing ALL the cards swapped!

4.  My New Catalogue Open House is coming up and I’ll have all the details for you soon!




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  1. tanya leavitt says:

    WOW how wonderful. thanks for sharing your wonderful talents with us

  2. WOW oh wowwie-wow Natasha! Been busy?? 🙂

    Hugs, Becky

  3. patricia says:

    would you be willing to share the wedding favor pattern that you did .They are so lovely.

    thank you Patti

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