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I Have a New Hobby


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I haven’t stamped in 2 weeks…

I haven’t quilted yet this summer as previously planned…

I haven’t baked anything in 2 weeks either…

This is because I have been introduced to something so awesome – I can’t take my eyes or hands off of it.

It is all consuming – in fact, I’m shocked I’ve found time to blog about this new passion of mine.

I’ll share it with you…

This is Kelton James Lowry – new grandson and very first grandchild!

He was born on Friday, July 6th at 11:02 p.m. to my daughter Chalisse and her husband Robert.

Chris and I couldn’t be more excited or thrilled.

Grandparenting is where it is at!!  It makes parenting all worth it!

I’m not sure when I’ll get back to doing anything else but stare at this little precious bundle.



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  1. alyse says:

    congra’s welcome to the wonderful world of grandparents! enjoy every minute! I know you have heard this before but they grow up in a blink of an eye……

  2. Debbie Chronister says:

    He is absolutely adorable! He just takes your breath away he is so precious. I understand your new passion for this new passion. My granddaughters are 20 and 13 and there is nothing more wonderful than spending time with them. Grand children make everything else take 2 place. Enjoy.

  3. Lynn says:

    Congratulations Grandma…he is awesome. My grandson is nearly 16 now and I have a picture of him when he was a few weeks old and he was looking at me like your little one is in the picture.
    Enjoy – I know you will.

  4. Oh my gosh – congratulations you guys!!!! How fun!! He is gorgeous Natasha, of course, right??

  5. JoAnn B. says:

    Congratulations to the parents and new grandparents.

  6. Andrea Asher says:

    Congratulations on your new Grandbaby. He is adorable!!! So precious!!
    You just got a new LOVE like no other.
    I am sure you have heard that time and time again.

    My oldest Grandson just Graduated high school and I swear I don’t know how he grew up so fast.

    Plus I have a 10 y/o, 3 y/o and a 9 month old Grand daughters and a soon to be 6 y/o grandson By my youngest Son.
    I know there’s no need to say “Enjoy” because I can tell you already are 🙂

  7. Jeni Szmyd says:

    Your blog post brought tears to my eyes!! I’m not a grandma yet, but sure do look forward to it – hopefully within the next 5 or 10 years 🙂

    Your “new passion” is absolutely beautiful – congrats to you and your family 🙂 . . . and thank you for sharing him with us!

  8. Incredibly awesome news! Congratulations “grandma”.

  9. Cyndi says:

    Natasha, I couldn’t agree with you more and congratulations on becoming a grandma. I joined that club a little over a year ago, and I truly know that baking, sewing, stamping & reading and everything else takes a BIG back seat to cuddling that wonderful bundle of joy. ENJOY! They grow SO quickly.

  10. Kaitlyn Eves says:

    Omg…. how wonderful. Congratulations on being a grandma 🙂

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