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Fun Advent Ideas


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 I have received some really nice feedback on the activity lists I posted yesterday – thank you!!!  I’m glad to hear so many of you were excited to see them!

Today I’m sharing different ways to present your 24 countdown to Christmas activities!  When you have decided on which activities you are going to do during December and have calendared them, it’s then time to decide how to display your advent.

There are many different ways and it’s only limited by your imagination and creativity!  Here are just a few ideas that came to my mind:

Use Christmas Tags!  I made this box to hold these 24 tags as an advent.  They are blank right now (because they are a gift for another family) but the idea is to number the tabs at the top from 1-24 and write the coresponding activity on the card.  Kids can read the activity for that day and then put the card at the back of the box.

The tags don’t have to go in a box!  Hang the tags across your mantle, hang them on a tree or just put them in a basket – again, the possibilities are endless.

Put the advent activities in envelopes!  I simply stamped 24 envelopes and Santa can keep a close eye on them with this painted box.  Or you could cut 24 Scallop Envelopes with the Big Shot and Bigz die or even use the Petite Pocket Bigz die. Number the envelopes and seal the activity inside.  A fun alternate activity with envelopes would be to hide them around the house and the children have to find the hidden activity envelopes!

Use small boxes to hold the advent activities.  Stampin’Up! has so many different cute dies for the Big Shot – you could make candy wrappers as shown here or make 24 petit purses – wouldn’t they be adorable hanging on a Christmas tree! You could line up 24 Fancy Favor boxes or even use the Holiday Stocking Bigz die and have 24 Christmas stockings as your advent!  Hanging on a line with clothes pins, these would be adorable!!

Make gingerbread men!  These little guys were so simple and fun to make – and do they ever smell terrific!!  I made them using this gingerbread playdough and attached little tag windows onto their tummies!  I loved using the playdough rather than regular gingerbread cookie dough because it was faster and cheaper to make, cleaner to use i.e. no flour dusting counter tops etc and no sticky fingers!!  I allowed them to dry for a couple of days and then attached the tags with our Tombo Multi-Adhesive.  The tags were cut using the Big Shot and Peekaboo Frames Bigz die.  Each tag is numbered and the activity is written on the inside.

The biggest thing I want you to keep in mind as you set out to incorporate advent activities into your schedule is that it is very possible and most likely that you won’t accomplish all the activities you schedule.  Please don’t think you’ve failed!!!  Even if you don’t get to all the activities you’ve planned, you still will have created some wonderful memories and enjoyed some family time – and that makes all the planning worth it!!

Have a wonderful weekend – TTFN!



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