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Clear Vs. Wood Debate and UStamp pass Winner


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Thanks to all of you for your responses to my question I posed for the free UStamp pass, “Which do you prefer, clear or wood stamps?”

If  you have read through all the comments, you will notice a definite trend:  most of you are very excited to have the clear stamp option.  Everyone loves their Stampin’ Up! wood stamps but are thrilled that they are now offering stamps sets for clear blocks.


I’ve got to be honest here and say I, for one, was not excited about this option.  I had tried acrylic stamps with clear blocks a few years ago and hated them.  They took way to much energy to use and I’m a pretty impatient crafter – I do not want to be slowed down by having to carefully peel off an acrylic stamp from its backing, then carefully place it on a block, ink, stamp, clean, then carefully remove from block and replace it on its backing.  I’m tired from just typing that let alone actually doing it!!

My daughter actually got a hold of my new clear blocks and stamps before I did and tried them.  Here’s basically the conversation that changed my pessimism to excitement:

“Mom, how do you use these new stamps?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t tried them yet.  Read the instructions on the inside of the stamp box.”

3 minutes later…

“Why do you not like these?  They are easy to use!”

“Peeling off the stamps over and over takes too long, Chalisse.” (daughter’s name)

“It’s taking me no longer to use these than the other ones.  Look how easy they go on and come off.” 

Daughter proceeds to show up the mother/demonstrator at this point…

Mother actually handles her new stamps and blocks and discovers…

“Hey!  These aren’t flimsy!  They are a breeze to take on and off…”

“Yeah mom, I don’t know why you wouldn’t like them.”

“No, these stamps and blocks I REALLY like!  I’m so glad you started playing with these.”

“Yep, that’s right – who’s your favorite daughter?”  Daughter walks off…

I’m am so glad I decided to invest in the clear blocks and some stamps sets from the new Occasions Mini Catalogue.  I am so excited to show my customers this month just how wonderful they are to use.

Over the past few years, some customers have asked for Stampin’ Up! to “switch” to clear-mount stamps.  Well, now Stampin’ Up! is about to do the impossible and PLEASE EVERYBODY!”

Available in the Occasions Mini Catalogue and the 2010 Sale-A-Bration brochure, we are offering our exclusive stamp in BOTH traditional wood mounted and new clear-mount sets.

The new clear-mount stamps are the result of extensive research with the intent to maintain the very best image quality (because that is what makes Stampin’ Up! so great), while at the same time offering the ease-of-use and storability of clear-mount stamps.

Here are some features of the new clear-mount stamps:

  • nine different sizes of clear blocks available individually or as a discounted bundle
  • blocks have ergonomic grooves on all FOUR sides for easy grip and traditional wood-mount feel (THEY FEEL SO NICE TO WORK WITH!!!)
  • stamps and blocks and DURABLE and easy to clean just like your wood-mount stamps
  • optional image labels on stamp backs let you decide if you want to see the image through the block or not.  (YOU WANT TO SEE IT!)
  • tight die-cutting for easy image positioning
  • same high quality rubber and foam you expect from Stampin’ Up!
  • large clear blocks can be used to create collages or spell words with alphabet sets
  • stamps store easily in standard DVD type cases with artwork on front and spine

So, thanks again for all your comments – they helped in persuading me to “make a change and try something different.”  I’m glad I took your advice!

Congratulations to Anne Matasci from Hawaii – she is the “UStamp with Dawn and Friends 2010…with love” pass winner.  See you at UStamp Anne!!






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