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Yummy Party Favors

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My sister held a bridal shower for Chalisse on Friday and she did a great job!!  She took care of all the invitations, food, games, and set up.  All I was asked to do as mother of the bride, was to provide some party favors for the guests to take home as a “thanks for attending” momento. 

I wanted to incorporate a bit of Chalisse into these party favors.  Her favorite thing in the world is cookie dough so I came up with a cute way to wrap up some for everybody.  It was a hit!!

I had to use some non-SU paper as I needed 35 sheets in her wedding colors.  I did use Blushing Bride and Crumb Cake cardstock, Boho Blossoms and 5-Petal Flower punches to make the flower embellishment.  Chocolate Chip satin ribbon finished off the ends. 

Have a great day!  TTFN!



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Lately I may have been quiet online…

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…but I sure have been keeping busy!!

Wanna see doing what?

1.  Making 450 wedding “thank-you” gifts for the guests to take away from Chalisse and Robert’s open houses:

FYI – it takes the same amount of time to watch (or listen to in my case) Spiderman 1 and 2 as it does to cut AND stamp 450 pieces of cardstock – doing this infront of a movie helped with passing time!  Incidentally, Kessia, my 11 year old, punched 300 little flowers during that time as well!  Nothing like quality time with your children!

Remember the Valentine version of this little Kiss holder I came up with last February?

I decided it would be a great little take-away for my daughter’s wedding coming up…in July…7 weeks away…I’m starting to question that decision…

Incidentally, if you walk up to a cashier in WalMart holding 21 bags of Hershey’s kisses, they don’t question you! Or look at you funny.  Or check out your waist-line.  People must buy that much candy all the time…

2.  Exercising everyday (again)

My husband (gem that he is) finally bought me the treadmill I have been wishing for, for 6 months now.  It’s probably because I threatened to pick one out myself and purchase it…or maybe it has something to do with the 21 bags of Hershey’s kisses…

3.  Babysitting

Remember that I live in Canada, the Great White North.  White being a literal term.  Our weather and growing season is not conducive to growing beautiful exotic or tropical plants and flowers.  In fact, Calgary is zoned as a 3 – definitely not a hydrangea growing zone.  But my beautiful daughter wants some hydrangeas as the wedding so I aim to please. So, because I am where I am, I definitely categorize this as “babysitting” these plants. 

4.  More gardening…

I made up 9 of these pots to use as color and decoration for this outdoor wedding as well.  I used much more Canada friendly plants for these pots though so not as much babysitting is required for these pots.

5.  Getting ready for the Bridal Shower on Friday

Kira, my crafty 14 year old, has been put in charge of making 40 of these origami lily flowers for centerpieces needed this Friday. Together we will get them all finished in between studying, exams, homework, etc during the day.

That is a sampling of what is going on around here lately.

BUT…please come visit again soon because I’m going to have so much to show you over the next 2-3 weeks!

1.  Tomorrow the retiring list will be released and you don’t want to miss that!

2.  The bridal shower take aways are going to be SO cute – you have to see them!

3.  I have finished 18 swap cards of my own to share with some of my stamp clubs.  I will be sharing ALL the cards swapped!

4.  My New Catalogue Open House is coming up and I’ll have all the details for you soon!




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Wedding Invitation Blitz

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260 of anything is a lot, except maybe dollar bills.

But I’m not talking dollars today, I’m talking wedding invitations so 260 is a lot.

Our second daughter Chalisse, is engaged to be married in July and we couldn’t be happier for this lovely couple:


My family and friends all came out in droves to support the ongoing invitation making party I had last week.  It’s so true what they say – many hands make light work!

There was anywhere from 3-8 people at any given time here all last week, working like crazy to accomplish this task for Chalisse and I.  I had come up with an invitation concept using Chalisse’s wedding colors a few weeks ago and was excited about the idea but wasn’t excited to make 260 of them – that’s when I was rescued by loving people around me so willing to lend me a few hours and cut, punch, fold, pierce, stamp and paste.  I’m truly amazed it’s all done! 

Here’s what 90+ manhours accomplished:

I liked the pocket style invitation this year so I used 12 x 12 Crumb Cake cardstock, cut in half and folded to form a pocket for the invitation information, photo, registry card, etc.  I scallop punched the folded edge and secured the pocket closed with the ribbon (non SU). The invitation itself was printed on vellum cardstock and attached to a stamped Whisper White piece (Bliss Stamp Set) and then to a Blushing Bride piece.  We are putting their “official” wedding photo behind the vellum as we place them in envelopes.

The flower is my favorite part!  When making the sample invitation, I ” leathered” 3 die cut flower pieces with the Fun Flowers die and Big Shot, and knew that nothing else was going to do, once I saw the finished sample.  Even when I tried to imagine what it would be like creating 260 of these 4 layer flowers – nothing else would do!  Hats off to my friends who endured tiny paper cuts and dyed hands while leathering these with me!!!  Also, I have to mention that my son-in-law, Kevin, was a trooper in die cutting every single flower by himself – what a guy!

To finish today, here is one of my favorite photos from the engagement photo shoot:




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Wedding Photos – Finally!!

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Hello to all my friends out there!!  It has been such a busy couple of weeks but I’m finally going to take a few minutes and share with you some of the photos from my daughter’s wedding day.

Here they are – the happy couple – Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Smith!

This photo is of the entire wedding party outside the chapel immediately after the ceremony.  What a handsome group of beautiful people!!

Father and daughter – Chris is such a proud daddy!!  We were so worried about Saturday’s weather as they kept forcasting rain but we ended up with blue skies all day – talk about lucky!!

The bride and groom officially cutting the cake that my sister and I worked 8 hours on the day before!  Not bad for only being baking enthusiasts!  LOL 

The cake was made of 4 tiers: 

 bottom cake was 3 layers of chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling

2nd cake was 3 layers of vanilla bean cake with vanilla bean filling

 3rd layer was 3 layers of red velvet cake with dreamy cream frosting

4th layer was 3 layers of lemon poppyseed cake with raspberry filling

My freezer is now filled with frozen leftover wedding cake!  Hopefully the photographer was able to get a much nicer photo of them cutting the cake.

And finally, here are all 4 of my girls posing for the photographer.  Mikasa the bride, Chalisse the bridesmaid, Kira in yellow and Kessia in black.  I love this photo…

Not only did we have to move my oldest daughter out and into her new apartment with Kevin, we had to say goodbye to Chalisse as well yesterday.  She is off to Edmonton (3 hours away) for college.  I can’t believe I just went from having 4 girls around, down to 2!!!  Whatever am I going to do with myself!  It will definitely be an adjustment.

Well, those are the photos I have for you right now.  Like I mentioned, we hired a photographer who took many many photos and I can’t wait to see them.  When I do, I’ll make sure to share some really good ones with you – you might even get to see Mikasa’s full gown!! LOL

I’m off and I sure hope to get some stamping in today!





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Bridal Shower

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We had so many family members and friends come and celebrate with Mikasa (my oldest daughter) at her bridal shower on Tuesday night.  Clarissa, the maid-of-honor, planned the fun games and activities while my sisters, mom and I took care of the food!

Mikasa…the bride to be…

The “spread”….we wanted to really treat our friends and family to supper that night, so we made sure we had all basis covered!  Spinach dip, salads, Mexican food, lettuce wraps, sandwiches all covered this table.  Then for dessert, I had another table holding a huge chocolate fountain and all the dippers you can think of!  Cake, cream puffs, squares, cookies, strawberries, etc. etc. etc…the only problem is…I forgot to take a picture of it!! 

As Mikasa opened her gifts, her friend and bridesmaid Ashley made her the traditional bride’s “bow paper hat”.  It turned out lovely don’t you think???

I do have a card to show you, believe it or not!!

These cute yet simple cards are for Mikasa to send to all those that send her and Kevin wedding gifts.  I got together with 4 of my stamping friends and they helped me put about 100 of these together.  It’s amazing how much time a simple card can take when you have to make them times 100!  I’m so grateful I had help!!

We made them note card size but still big enough to send through the mail system.  The colors used are Melon Mambo, Yoyo Yellow and Only Orange (both now retired SU colors).  The stamp came from the set Short and Sweet.  The flowers were made using a retired punch but I loved using the adhesive backed rhinestone jewels – so handy!!

Well, the wedding is now 15 days away so you may not hear from me until after the wedding – it’s a bit time consuming to say the least to plan this big event.  I will be back with lovely photos for you though so stay tuned!!




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