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Best of SAB set sample and Leadership 2014 Share


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Best of SAB-3


The second project for my Best of SAB class on January 22nd.  As with the first card I shared yesterday, I used the color combination in the Sweet Sorbet DSP package that can be earned FREE during Sale-a-Bration, Stampin’Up!s biggest promotion of the year.  Dates are January 28th – March 31st!!

In the Calgary area and want to come to this class?  Contact me nzandbergen@shaw.ca – I would love to stamp with you!

So, I promised a little highlight of my trip to the Leadership Conference I attended last week.  I really didn’t whip out my camera all that much, but someone did catch me on film to prove I was there!!  LOL  Here, lookie:

Managers Reception-1

This photo was taken at the Managers Reception held at the Downtown Aquarium in Houston.  It was definitely the trip highlight for sure!!!  We were spoiled rotten by Stampin’Up! and the wonderful staff at the Aquarium!  The food was so tremendous, I just know I’ll never eat delicious beef sliders and grilled lobster like that again!!

Do you see my little friend on the left of the photo…

Managers Reception-3


…it was the largest, most brilliant green eel I’ve ever seen!!!  

As always, I go to the Leadership conference every year alone.  By alone I mean, I don’t travel in a group of or with another demonstrator.  Now, usually once I’m there, I am meeting up with other demos who are good friends, but this year, I was going to be pretty much on my own.  I was a little stressed by this situation but decided to go and make the best of it.  I ended up having the best experiences because of this!!  See, when you attend a large gathering by yourself, you get the best seating for one thing! LOL  Finding seating for one is kindof an easy thing to do.  But then, every time you move around to another room, the lunch area, make n take tables, etc. you are sitting by someone new.  

That. Was. Totally. Cool!

I met and had the most interesting conversations with ladies from all over the US!  

I loved talking to Cindy and her friend (I didn’t write her name down!) while waiting in line to get to Manager’s Reception.  They were both from Pennsylvania and had lots of children like me.  Cindy is even a new grandma too and we couldn’t stop talking about our little grandbabies!!

I loved talking with and especially listening to Ann from Texas as we waited for our morning session to start!  For a good half hour, I got to hear all about her recent move to Texas from New Jersery.  She had so much energy and spunk for a lady in her 70s!!  I learned so much from her in that half hour!!!

Meeting Liz and Samantha at lunch one day, we immediately became meal time buddies for the whole conference!!  We are now all connected on Facebook and continuing our friendship! 

And of course, I really enjoyed my time with Suzie.  This isn’t the first time I’ve met Suzie as we’ve met at passed Leadership conferences.  We have so much in common and love to do the same things.  We both really enjoy a good meal and a fast thrilling ride!  We love our kids and agree that our husbands are the best in the world!  Can’t wait to see you next year, Suzie!!

Why do I share this here with you?  Well, Stampin’Up! is about building relationships and finding joy in sharing with others.  When I say that I love what I do and I love the people I’ve met because of Stampin’Up!…I want you to know I mean it.  I appreciate you and the relationship we have, whether we’ve met in person or online.  You make a difference in my life and I’m grateful for that. 

Thanks friends!  TTFN!








  1. Bobbi Miller says:

    What a great post! Love the photo of you and your new pal…he’s beautiful. Oh wait… the person in the window holding the Stampin’ Up! sign is cool too! I didn’t make it to Leadership, but I would love to go next year. I’ve been following you for a while now, and so many others as well. I live in Arizona (originally from Chicago) and hopefully someday, we can meet up too! Love your card and your wonderful creativity! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Natasha says:

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate that. Leadership is so great and I definitely recommend you go when you can. Thanks for reading!

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