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8 Weeks of Christmas Planning starts Today!


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It’s finally here –

Today is the day we start organizing ourselves for Christmas

here at Inkingoutofthebox and hopefully

you will take full advantage of this program!!

Today, the 8 Week Christmas Holiday Planner

is ready for purchase at only $4.99 CAD!

That is an incredible value for this

20 page original PDF file created especially to keep you organized and enjoying your holiday preparations!

Inside this document you’ll find:

 * calendars created to keep track of family activities, advent activities and meal planning

* personalized Christmas Traditions journal

* Christmas Letter Worksheet

* Budgeting and Chore Worksheets

* Gift Giving Worksheets

* Meal Plan Worksheets and Grocery Lists

* Cookie Swap Party Organizer Worksheets

This 8 Weeks Christmas Holiday Planner and PDF document was developed to go along with the next 8 weeks here at Inkingoutofthebox.com.

Each week for the next 8, I will concentrate on a certain area of preparedness, and specific pages of the Christmas Holiday Planner.

I will provide you will ideas, materials, information and of course samples to assist you in accomplishing your holiday season goals for each week.

 After the 8 weeks of holiday planning are over, you will be skipping for joy over the things you have accomplished, the time spent with family and friends, and the time you have left to just enjoy all the holiday season means to you! 

Follow the link to the right to purchase your

8 Week Christmas Holiday Planner for just $4.99.

Let’s Get Started!

First item on your to-do list is to print off the official Christmas Holiday Planner.  Print the first 4 pages onto Whisper White cardstock if desired.  These pages are your title page and calendars – printing them on cardstock will mean they stay sturdy for the next few months.

Step two – decorate your title page and insert it into a thin binder with a clear cover.  Have lots of fun with this part!!  Stamp till your heart’s content!

Step three – read over the last couple of pages of the PDF file.  These pages explain the purpose of each page and how to use it. 

Step four – get ready for next week when we start organizing our holiday season!!

Do you want a little sneak-peak into the next 8 weeks here at Inkingoutofthebox?

Week 1 – Getting Organized – I will touch on topics such as  calendaring and photographs

Week 2 – All Christmas Card week – lots of samples given this week as well as a couple of  NEW set samplers with tutorials available!!

Week 3 – Family Christmas Traditions – what traditions do you do year after year?  Why do you keep them up?  What do they mean to you and your children?  I will also be sharing many ideas for advent or countdown activities to do and I’ll discuss calendaring them and the importance of that.

Week 4 – Our Reality Check Week – budgeting, chores, and letters.  I’ll make it all easy for you!!!

Week 5 – Gift Giving Week – from stocking stuffers to hospitality gifts, I’ll cover them all this week!  This is going to be one FUN and FILLED week!

Week 6 – Let’s Get Cooking – I’ll help you with your holiday baking plans and well as your December meal plan to help you find extra hours you didn’t know you had during this busy month.  I’ll also help you plan a Christmas Cookie Exchange Party.  I love those!!

Week 7 – Let’s Decorate – Deck the Halls week!  

Week 8 – Let’s Celebrate! – finishing up holiday plans and some little surprises 

I hope to see you next week as we start our Holiday Planning!!




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  1. debra says:

    Sounds interesting. What size are the individual sheets?

  2. Natasha says:

    Hi Debra – each page is 8 1/2 x 11 to enable printing from any home printer

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