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2011 Scrapbook “Retreat”


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Here in Alberta where I live, scrapbook and quilting retreats are very popular.  Crafters pack up all their crafting gear and head to a hosting bed and breakfast, where they enjoy personal crafting space, beautiful accommodations,  homemade meals, and most importantly, uninterupted crafting time!  Getting away for a couple of days to concentrate wholly on your crafting projects is exciting and rejuvenating…

…they also can be pricey to attend! 

 I’ve decided to host my first every Stampin’Up! “Retreat”!  But unlike a traditional retreat where you plan for days (if not weeks) the projects you will complete, and thus tote all the supplies with you to make your projects, I will be supplying my guests with 2 amazing scrapbook related projects and all the supplies needed to complete them both!  They will enjoy all the benefits of a retreat, and more, without the accommodation cost.  Find THAT at any retreat around here!

  Want to see the projects I’ve prepared?


A DVD case cleverly housing both a calendar and a notebook!  We made something similar to this as a Leadership make-and-take, and my mind started spinning with many uses for these DVD cases. The protective case makes this calendar/notebook easily thrown into any bag.  It’s economical as well since we’ll be using the same Simply Scrappin’kit as our scrapbook the next day! 

Here’s the inside:

 I found notepaper at WalMart that is appropriately sized and fits amazingly into our cases.  Voila – easy peasy!!

I developed the calendar myself so it would be the same size as the notebook – coordination is important to me!!

Here’s the second project – the Saturday project – the 2011 “One Great Year” scrapbook:



 Scrapbookers are usually trying to play “catch-up” with their photos.  For once, I want to work ahead of myself and my photos!  Now that this book is completed, all I have to do is insert a couple of photos from the month, journal a bit and enjoy watching our year unfold!

This scrapbook has 16 pages.  Each month of the year is represented on it’s own page with space for 2 photos and some journaling.  Some additional pages I’ve prepared are a title page, favorites of 2011 page, and a reflections page. 


The neat thing about this Simply Scrappin’Kit, One Great Year, is that it can be used to document the year of an inidividual, a couple or an entire family – it’s so versatile!!  Once this book is made, it can be used by anyone!

What about the food??? 

You don’t have time to make a meal when at a retreat!  You just get to craft the day away and listen for the dinner bell to ring!  Many of my guests and class attendees know that I love to cook and bake so hosting this retreat allows me to provide my guests with some fun homemade food and goodies while they’re here too – it’s all about the pampering at a retreat!

I’ll be hosting this retreat on March 11-12th so if you are in the area and want some details, let me know!

Have a great weekend and TTFN,


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  1. Kadie in Arizona says:

    Natasha: Your projects look amazing and I’m sure that all the ladies that will be attending will have a fabulous time. I use to be responsible for arrange our retreats back in Wisconsin – but now that I live in Arizona, we have NOTHING. I’m working with a LSS to get something started here in Arizona. Retreats are such a GREAT WAY for us to get away…make friends and get some serious scrapbooking done. Hope your event SELLS OUT and you have GREAT SUCCESS with your new found business. BEST WISHES to you!

  2. dawn in colorado says:

    Oh how I wish I lived in Canada [awesome place!!!] My son attended a music school in Nelson, BC and we fell in love with your country.
    Your retreat sounds wonderful. I live no way near…[sad face].
    If you ever want to come to Colorado…just give a call. We could have some fun playing with our stamps and stuff.
    Enjoy your retreat…the ladies attending will be having a fun time.

  3. Oh my gosh! I want to come Natasha!!!!! You did a great job on your projects…who would not love to attend??
    Good luck!
    ? Becky

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