Tis the Season for…




In other words, dipping fondant, truffles, turtles and giant pretzel rods…

…mixing and rolling cookies…

…baking pans upon pans of squares…

…stirring up eggnog, cinnamon and gingerbread loaves…

…I could go on and on…

December for me is all about the kitchen and the wonderful aromas I can create with the ingredients I splurge on this time of year.

This photo represents all the dipped chocolates my girlfriend and I pump out every Christmas and about 18 hours worth of work.  Every year we seem to add another flavour or two!  We made:

2 batches of Peanut Butter truffles

2 batches of Oreo truffles

2 batches of Cinnamon truffles

200 turtles – once you’ve had homemade – you can’t go back!!

600 dipped fondant chocolates in almond, vanilla and coconut flavours

Every year, I also get together with my two very best friends and we spend a day dipping these giant pretzel rods in caramel and then chocolate.  In one day, we were able to pump out at least 500 of these – I didn’t get a final count!

These are simply amazing – caramel, chocolate and salt together in one heavenly marriage – who  could ask for anything more!

So now you may be able to understand why my absense for the blogging world – I’m a bit preoccupied right now with my ingredient pile – they must be used!!!

I do have a card for you today though. 

 I had a lovely evening with one of my stamp clubs last week (or was it the week before?  I can’t keep track as the days are moving so fast!) and we made 4 projects while enjoying a lovely pot luck spread.

This card was pretty much a direct CASE from Chat at Me, My Stamps and I.  So greatful to talented designers out there for making my creative days more productive!

I’ll post all the projects from this class over the next week – you’ll just have to come back for a nice little visit! 

I wish I could give you a dipped pretzel…







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  1. JoAnn Burnham says:

    OMG, you have been a very busy lady. How do you make the homemade turtles? That is my favorite candy.

  2. Joey Tipping says:

    Salivating all over the keyboard!!! Looks fantastic and I’m sure it’s yummy!! Great job!

  3. Penny says:

    You can’t just temp us with pictures and descriptions without giving us the details!!! We want recipes!!! Thanks.

  4. Wow! Natasha, these look delish and I love the cute box you created to put the pretzels in! Thanks for sharing…I’m craving chocolate now!!


  5. Jill Felock says:

    Natasha, these are mouthwatering!!! Is there any way you would share your recipes? I also love the way you design a box to fit your candy. You are so talented!


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