Spaghetti for Supper


Showcasing stamped projects is going to be a bit on the low side here at Inkingoutofthebox in the next couple of weeks.  Last week, I had surgery, good necessary surgery, but major nonetheless.  Because of this, creating is not on the top of my priority list this month – darn it! 

But just because I can’t create very much right now, does not mean that we are letting boredom set in at the Zandbergen home – no way!  Please forgive the bragging I am about to do – I’m not allowed to do much else this month!!

Kira, my 14 year old daughter, had a  foods class assignment this week to prepare a cake to be graded.  Being the fun-loving girl she is, a regular 2 layer chocolate cake just would not do:



How adorable is this cake???

She baked regular golden yellow cake batter in an oven proof bowl so it was shaped like a dome.  Then she piped yellow-tinted icing all over the cake to look like pasta.  She spooned on some seedless strawberry jam for spaghetti sauce and the finishing touch was the “meatballs”!  These are hazelnut chocolates covered in jam and boy, do they ever look real!!

My sister invited us over for supper last night (she is taking such good care of me!!) because her twins were celebrating their 9th birthday.  We took this over to share with them and Daniel, my little 4 year old nephew , was adamant that his cake piece NOT have a meatball on it – he was having none of it!!  So, so funny!!

Have a lovely creative day!



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  1. Wow! You’re daughter is talented! I’m going to have to try something like that here at our house! My son won’t say he doesn’t like spaghetti any more I’ll bet! (Who doesn’t like spaghetti anyway?!!) Hope you get back to stamping soon!

  2. GlendaP says:

    This cake is too, too cute. Your daughter is a very talented and clever young lady. Just spend your time planning all the great new layouts you will have for us when you are all well.

  3. JoAnn Burnham says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.
    This cake is awesome. Your daughter is very creative. It looks delicious.

  4. Stephanie A says:

    This is cute! I made cupcakes like this for my sons 16th bday! Everyone loved them! Hope she got a fantastic grade on this!

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