I’m Really Not MIA!


Earlier this week, my family and I did arrive home, safe and sound, from southern California and I would love to show you some of my favorite photos…but I can’t…

Yesterday my friends and family assisted me in almost completing 130 wedding invitations for my oldest daughter’s up and coming wedding.  I really want to share them with you today…but I can’t…

I also was able to complete the cards for my June stamp club ladies and I really want to share them with you too…but I can’t…

Why, you may ask???

While we were traveling in the US, I really wanted to stay on top of my emails.  So every evening I would start up my computer and work a little bit.  Well, on the third night, my computer came in contact with a virus (yes, I do have anti-virus software!) and it immediately shut down my computer!  AHHHH!  This is my first virus ever! 

My husband, thank goodness, is a business software installer and implements computer systems for a living – what would we do without him???!!!  He tackled the problem and after an hour, had restored most programs and access to my email, but not the internet.  I have been without internet for 10 days – it’s killing me!!!  I’m currently writing this post on my daughter’s computer so I have no access to my photos, hence, no sharing with you…:(

I’m hoping Chris has time to look at it this weekend so I can start blogging again!  Keep your fingers crossed for me!  In the meantime, I’ll go work on some more invitations…



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