Cake Pops


There has been almost zero stamping done around here for over a week!  My 13 year old, Kira, and I have been busy creating other things – take a look:

I visit Bakerella weekly to see what little treasures she has shared with the online world and have admired her many versions of cake pops.  When she finally decided to author a book, I waited for months.  I stocked the bookstores and Costco, every week patiently waiting for it to be available in Canada.  Then, one evening a couple of weeks ago, as my girls and I were coming out of a movie theatre, we stopped in at Chapters before going home, just in case…

and it was there!  We have been busy creating cake pops ever since…

Kira made these ice cream cone cake balls all by herself!!  

This one is her favorite!!  Way too cute!!


Then we had to try our hand at making this Halloween foursome – skull, mummy, jack o’lantern, and ghost. 

We tried some other designs as well, but I forgot to take photos before they were snatched up!!  Next time…

I promise to get back to stamping soon…




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  1. chad says:

    love these cake pops, too cute

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